Welcome to Tristone Cloud

We are a cloud solution provider team located in Toronto, Ontario. With tens of years of experience in supply chain, logistics, retail, international business and IT, our expertise is able to help you build your own cloud, web, mobile solution smoothly. With latest machine learning technology, we can make your business smarter - helping your business succeed is our main focus and goal.

Our Capability

  • Business Workflow Analysis

    Our experts are here to help you analyse, adjust and optimize your business model and workflow, making it to be adaptive to a real-world online solution for either your employees and customers.

  • Integration Solution Development

    Our engineers are talented and experienced in machine learning, cloud, web, mobile application development. With years of work experience as the software engineer in different industries, we are ready to meet your needs.

  • Mobile Solution Development

    We are here to help you make and develop your own iOS/Android app quickly. With customized UI and mature functionality, your users can access the services quickly and smoothly.

  • Web Solution Development

    We build websites and web-apps. Whenever you have a fantastic idea, let us help you to make it come true. See EMS below to get what we can do for you.

  • Blockchain Solution Development

    With plenty of experience in developing blockchain solution, we can help you research in this new area. Either you want to turn your business into a blockchain, or a smart contract (on Ethereum) is expected, or you are thinking of an ICO. Let us know.

  • Solution Support and Maintenance

    Never worry about the technologies. Never worry about the fast-changing world. You can focus on the business itself and leave other things to us.

  • Automate Order Management
  • Real-time Shipping Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Label
  • Guaranteed Lowest Rate

E-Marketplace Services (EMS) is our latest product. With the integration of multiple e-store providers (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Prestashop, etc) and postage carriers (e.g. Canada Post, Stamps.com, EasyPost, USPS, etc), EMS allows online business owners to manage their online stores acrossing platforms in one place.

About the Team

  • Mike

    Founder and technical leader.

  • Kel

    Senior developer.

  • Ryan

    Senior developer.

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